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Practice Terms & Conditions

This agreement sets out terms and conditions from which we will be working together


Payment is due the day before an appointment by online payment, unless another payment method has been agreed.

Responsibility for payment and health insurance

You as the client are responsible for payment fees. Where we have agreed, I am happy to invoice health insurance companies directly but if for any reason they do not cover my fees then they become payable by you. Health insurance companies rarely cover late cancellations or non-attendances and so you will be liable for payment where it arises.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or rearrange a session then please let me have at least 24 hours' notice or it will be charged for in full. As I do not work on weekends if you need to cancel appointment on Monday you will need cancel by Friday at the latest to avoid paying the full fees.

Confidentiality and data protection

I take notes during sessions either on paper or electronically. all records are kept either in a lockable filing cabinet or on electronic note keeping device. This device is kept in the lockable cabinet and is password protected. This device is backed up using an encrypted cloud service and/or using a desktop computer's encrypted hard-drive. It is accepted practice to keep these records for approximately seven years following the end of therapy. You can see my data Privacy Policy on my website at or request a copy.

In general. the content of therapy sessions is confidential between us. There are, however, some limits to this. It is my usual practice to write a brief letter periodically to your GP, unless we have agreed otherwise. It is good practice to reflect upon clinical work with other clinicians and I do this regularly with other experienced clinicians who abide by the same code of practice. I may break confidentiality in the event of potential harm to you or someone else. For example, I may break confidentiality if (i) I consider that you were in serious danger of harming someone else or if you told me you had done so (ii) in a serious medical or psychiatric emergency (iii) if you disclose information regarding the risk of a child's safety or welfare (iv) if you disclose information about serious criminal activity (v) if I am required to by a Court of Law. In the event of any of these concerns, I would always endeavour to speak with you first

In the event of the Track and Trace Team contacting me, I may be required to give them your name and telephone number.

Ending Therapy


We may agree a certain number of sessions but this can be reviewed and/or ended by either party at any time (subject to late cancellation charges outline above).

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